Bringing other cultures or time periods into the design decisions is one way to make your home stand out from your neighbours. Whether you have a personal tie to the Asian continent or simply admire the lines and colours that make up a modern "Asian-inspired" decorating scheme, there is plenty to mine from rich traditions. We design homes taking inspiration and incorporate it into luxurious rooms, indulgent textures, and truly high-end spaces.

Sector we work in

How it Works


We take note on the thing, you wish to have at your place. Discuss your lifestyle and requirements and We assign you with a dedicated designer for the whole process considering your unique art style.

Pay only 5000(adjustable) as a token and start working your dream home.The token money you are investing is refundable if things doesn't go as per your convenience.

We share the concept, Get a glimpse of your imagination coming to live. Giving you the preliminary estimate, Including recommendations of color themes, curtain styles, and furniture layouts, space plans. Your point of views are always welcome, We are open for changes until you get satisfied.

Pay 25% of the estimated project cost after delivering all detailed drawing of the project to start execution and get assured.

When we work, we work for commitments with our prestige of quality and quantity which are closely monitored, keeping your comfort and tastes in mind. We work for establishing a relationship which strengthens with the process. While you get continuous updates every now and then.‚Äč

Stages are increasing we are getting close to the masterpiece in making. By this time we are almost there, Excited? So as we are. Here we start giving the electrical supplies and attaching fixtures at the right places. Pay 25% and see your dream coming true.

Here we get started with the construction of the space. Through which we cover all the aspects of construction and demolishing as per your convict and as per the detailed scope of work shared with BOQ, Like no other person we truly believe in creating the best. Pay 25%after delivering civil work.

Installing the fixtures, delivering furniture and all the soft furnishing aspects, filling the place with colors and giving it a style statement.

Now time to celebrate Your clean and gorgeous home!

We welcome you with handing over the keys of the place.

And the rest we clear on the monetary aspects. Pay 25% of the remaining expenses.

Hurray !